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5 Tips That Make Digital Demand Gen Effective…right now!

In a rapidly changing global environment apply these easy tips to strengthen your digital campaigns.

Every morning my inbox fills up with dozens of e-commerce brands offering discounts — 10% off $250 purchase, 24-hour limited sale! I immediately double tap my screen to begin the deleting process. But then a subject line catches my eye. It’s from one of my banking partners — not offering me a rebalance or trying to sell me anything, but rather asking how I feel and if I am impacted by our current global pandemic. Their call to action entails reaching out for help if I need to delay payments with no penalties. How refreshing!

While direct response and e-commerce brands have always greatly benefited from digital, with trigger emails and offers galore, they have also used this COVID-19 pandemic as an opportunity for more business and have come off nothing short of obnoxious. We don’t know what is going to happen to the economy or our global and local markets unless someone has a crystal ball to look into the future. Therefore, it’s imperative brands market in a way that is empathetic to their target audience — some of which are small business owners and/or other individuals who are newly unemployed and in financial constraints. Now more than ever brands should join the national discourse of conversation — not market in a bubble.

Some recent conversations with friends asking one another:

Do I really need a daily email from GILT asking me to buy a new pair of designer shoes — because let’s face it where am I going that I can wear them? How will I pay my mortgage a few months from now — do the new fed cuts help? How long do I have to manage my child homeschooling? Will I recover my investments?

I am not sure how many of you can relate to this, but as a single working mom, shopping for superficial items (despite my deep love for fine shoes and clothing), isn’t a priority. Wouldn’t it be nice to see an offer for purchase that donates back to our community suffering from the impact of COVID-19? That may really perk someone’s interest!

Digital marketing and the tactful use of it has never been more relevant. With over 4 billion people using the internet worldwide (as of 2019), and more people working from home and unable to congregate freely in public places within the U.S., you can bet the digital medium will be flooded with brands trying to reach prospects and clients. If you want to stand out and having a meaningful relationship with consumers, remain true to your brand purpose using digital marketing.

Here are 5 key tips to successfully leveraging digital outreach:

1. Be Sensitive: Show empathy for the current situation and apply some EQ to your communications

2. Frequency in Control: All of us are getting bombarded by triggered emails and digital targeting — be strategic in the number of times you truly need to target your audience

3. Make it Virtual: Employ virtual, augmented reality or 360 experiences and platforms to continue to bring your audience value in a period where F2F is not possible

4. Personalization is Key: Never has it been more important to personalize the messaging to your clients and ensure you have enough relevant data to inform messaging

5. Learn More: Take this opportunity to query your audiences using digital survey tools or social media and apply it to subsequent marketing campaigns

Here’s a sampling of sectors tactfully utilizing digital communications (not exhaustive):

  • Banks and credit card companies such as Ally Bank, American Express, and Bank of America are stepping up to provide lower monthly interest rates, relief from late payments and deferral of payments during these trying times

  • Food, Beverage and Wholesalers such as Costco, Starbucks and Postmates are taking additional measures to keep their shoppers safe by not offering in-store food samples, no longer allowing the use of disposable cups and providing an option to receive their items with no contact if they wish

  • Airlines like Delta and British Airways are offering waivers to allow passengers to change their travel plans without having to deal with any additional fees

As you can see, many brands are making a concerted effort to do right by their consumers by keeping their interests at heart during these trying times. By prioritizing the needs of their consumers rather than taking advantage of a pandemic by padding their own bottom lines, many companies will end up with an even more loyal customer base than when they started. Applying digital in a meaningful and purposeful way will be powerful for brands that do this effectively with care.

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