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Top 5 Takeaways for Financial Advisors Adapting to Remote Work

Updated: May 9, 2020

By Diane Imas, Brand & Content at Tikka

Yesterday, our Tikka Solutions CEO, Kirti Naik, participated in a BrightTalk webinar and was joined by several other investment management veteran marketers including Renée Baker, DBA, Head of PCG Advisor Inclusion Networks at Raymond James, and Dan Simon, CEO of Vested.

We gathered to discuss the changing landscape that is the financial advisor (FA) business and how they need to adapt to a socially distant business environment. Below are top takeaways from the chat:

1. Larger Asset managers who have invested in technology like sales enablement and marketing automation, will be better equipped to handle remote work, versus boutique asset managers

Look no further than Morgan Stanley as they made big tech investments like the “Next Best Action product,” an  AI Engine that understands client portfolios and aids decision-making.

2. Given today’s volatile trading environment, all clients will need attention more than ever before, which will overwhelm FAs

There will be increased interest in the robo movement as tools like Betterment will force advisors to rethink their predominantly high-touch offerings.

3. Technology will force authenticity, creating more focused engagement and require FAs to be more selective with their time

Virtual meetings will have to be scheduled more sparingly and savvy FAs will utilize chatbots to multi-task.

4. Business development will become more creative as FAs are looking for easy executable tools for interaction using social media

Marketers will need to build and equip content for the FA audience creating easy access to their end customer.

5. FAs will need to identify fun and creative ways to interact with their clients outside of virtual meetings

a. Utilize the whiteboard on Zoom to do Pictionary

b. Send an Uber Eats voucher to a client and have them order in. Proceed to use that time to connect with them over a virtual lunch

c. Send a virtual cup of coffee to a client

d. Provide seamless vouchers so that clients have one fewer grocery runs during the week

e. Organize a virtual wine tasting with a top sommelier since booking speakers for web-based events are much cheaper (send 3 bottles of wine to the client to review)

The point is that people will continue to seek advice on how to manage their money and FAs won’t be disappearing anytime soon. Although our current situation appears bleak, 2020 is not canceled!

Relationships are not canceled, and business is not definitely canceled. If FAs leverage tech and continue to build relationships, they will thrive in this environment.

Check out the replay HERE!

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